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Toronto’s Top Wedding Venues That You Must Can Choose From

Do you know the top wedding venues in Toronto that are perfect for weddings? If you don’t know about it, then in this article, you will get to know about the eight wedding destinations that you can choose from. All of them are greater than one another, so you can choose any one of them based on your own preferences. 

A marriage should be truly memorable not only for the couple but all the attendees as well. By having your wedding in any of these places, your wedding will be unlike any other that you have seen. So, let’s begin. 

Eight Wedding Venues To Opt From Are As Follows:-

Casa Loma

If you want to have a wedding like that of royalty, the best option you have is Casa Loma. Just imagine exchanging your vows in a castle that has beautiful gardens and impeccable architecture. Because of this, the place is a favourite of couples to have a wedding. You can use the outdoor space for the wedding and the interior rooms to host the reception. 

Whether you want to call just your close ones for the wedding or have a big fat wedding, this castle can be the perfect destination for you. By booking a wedding limo service, you can ensure your loved ones travel comfortably to Casa Loma. 

The Distillery District

This district is an amazing combo of historic vibes and industrial charm. This place is one of the best spots in Toronto to have a great wedding with stunning backgrounds. You will be thrilled to say your vows surrounded by the unmatchable beauty of cobblestone streets and Victorian-era buildings. 

The Distillery District also has art galleries and amazing event spaces which the couple can enjoy. Everyone loves to click wedding photos, and you can do so in this district as it has stunning places perfect for clicking wedding pics. By travelling to this district in a limo, you will be all set to have a memorable wedding. 

The Carlu

The Carlu is one of the favourites for Torontonians when it comes to choosing a wedding spot. Once you step into its doors, you will get to know why it is so.  This place is a great combination of old-world charm and modern luxury. 

The Art Deco design and lavish ballrooms of the Carlu look straight out of a Hollywood classic. The amazing services and great cuisine of this place will ensure that the wedding is truly spectacular. You must travel to the Carlu with the help of a Toronto wedding limo, as it will give you the perfect wedding experience. 

Evergreen Brick Works

If you are a nature fan, Evergreen Brick Works is the place for your marriage. This place is situated in between lush greenery and beautiful surroundings, so it’s a perfect place for people who are looking for an eco-friendly wedding. The people behind this place are thoroughly committed to sustainability, as the buildings here are environment-friendly. 

Moreover, this place also tells the glorious story of Toronto’s industrial past, giving more opportunities to you to make memories. A fine option to reach the Evergreen Brick Works is by travelling in a wedding limo with your companions. 

The Old Mill Toronto

In case you cherish the classic elegance and riverside beauty, you must opt for the Old Mill Toronto. This place gives a picture-worthy background that overlooks the Humber River, where you can have a fairy-tale wedding. 

This mill is a fabulous combination of historic architecture and natural marvels. The services provided here are truly exceptional, and a lot of attention is given to details. There is no other vehicle you should consider instead of a limo as it’s the best one to reach here. 

The Royal Ontario Museum

Although the Royal Ontario Museum isn’t a typical wedding venue, it can be used as one by people who love art. Just imagine exchanging vows amongst the artifacts of yesteryears or hosting a reception in the stunning galleries filled with art from around the world. 

The architecture of this place is fantastic, which provides a unique backdrop, perfect for a wedding. By planning your wedding here, you can boast of having one that is unlike any other. You can have a customized wedding in this museum and can travel in a wedding limo to reach this destination. 

The Doctor’s House

This house is a great option for couples who want to have a cozy and intimate wedding. The vintage-inspired decoration and beautiful courtyards will win you over. Your wedding will look straight out of a movie as you will get to say, “I Do” amongst blooming flowers in a farmhouse-like setting. 

Moreover, the doctor’s house is renowned for its warm hospitality and impeccable detailing. You can get personalized services here, along with delicious eating options. To make your wedding extra special, you must arrive at this house in a limo. 

The Guild Inn Estate

This estate is situated in between a parkland overlooking Lake Ontario. It provides a picture-worthy waterfront setting that truly gives romantic vibes. The Guild Inn Estate gives a timeless charm which is perfect for couples who want to have a wedding combining the worlds of the past and the future. 

Every aspect of this place is curated to make your wedding day truly memorable, and the memories will also last forever. By choosing a wedding limo for your wedding travel option, your experience will reach a lot of notches higher. 

Final Thoughts

So, in conclusion, your wedding day will become a lot more special if you choose any one of the Toronto wedding destinations listed above. It all depends on your needs and the number of guests for your wedding. That’s why you need to choose wisely and in accordance with your requirements. 

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