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Top Reasons That Account For Limo Cancellation

When it comes to booking rental limousines in Toronto, you need to understand the fact that limo companies follow the certain set of rules. Disobeying any of the rules could lead to cancellation of services. Here are the factors that mostly lead to cancellation of limousine trip.

Failing to understand the contract
The first step that you should be taking while hiring a limousine is to read the contract thoroughly. Consider reading it more than once as it will give a better idea of how things work. When you see some odd point, you can confirm the same with the service provider and eventually avoid getting into confusion.

Failing to sign the contract
You might be thinking how one could forget to sign the contract but believe it or not, this happens quite often. Many people, eventually fail to sign the contract and return it to the company by simply reading the terms. It is, however, equally important to sign and then return the contract.

Late payment
Majority of limousine rental companies in Toronto ask you to deposit some amount in advance while booking the limousine for the event. Most of the companies prefer to confirm the reservation only when the stipulated amount is deposited in the account. If the due amount is not paid on time, your reservation may get cancelled.

Paying the damage deposit
Limousine service providers make sure that you pay for the damages in advance as an insurance policy for their fleet of vehicles. Most limo companies would ask you to pay damage deposit while booking. You do not have to worry about paying extra as this amount would be refunded to you in full after your trip is over, considering that there is no damage caused to the vehicle.

Exceeding the people allowed
Every limousine has a maximum capacity of people that it could carry. If in case, you attempt to transport more people than what the vehicle can safely transport, your driver has the right to refuse to let you in more people. To avoid embarrassment caused due to the cancellation of a limousine, make sure you keep a check on maximum people allowed.

Underage drinking
Limousine companies make sure that you adhere to the law and hence they do not permit anyone to drink if he or she is under-aged. To mark safety of clients, they enforce a strict no drinking policy for anyone who is under the legal drinking age. The service could be terminated in case, any passenger under the legal drinking age is found drinking.